Putting A Value An Your Trade Secrets

For over 150 years, Wood Herron & Evans has represented clients in complex intellectual property matters from procurement to licensing, trademarks, even enforcement and litigation when necessary. We have always been on the cusp of innovation whether through our provision of legal counsel or in advocating for clients’ intellectual property assets.

Our trade secret services encompass all manner of processes and assets, including sales, distribution, manufacturing and strategies that afford you a competitive advantage. Regardless of what type of trade secret you would like to protect, we will be able to advise clients on navigating the legal intricacies. If your business or enterprise has a trade secret to protect, then we can counsel you on how best to meet your objectives.

Attorneys With Technical Expertise

The majority of our attorneys have advanced degrees in their technical specialties. Because of the depth of their technical knowledge, our lawyers can advise clients on the potential success of protecting a trade secret.

Within our firm, we provide in-house design and illustration services, IP docket management services as well as comprehensive counsel on managing your intellectual property portfolio to optimize your assets. When necessary, we will pursue enforcement and litigation services where your intellectual property assets are being threatened.

Nationwide Practice | International Clients

From our Cincinnati-based office, we represent clients both domestically and internationally. Contact us online, or call our firm at 888-564-4421.

We look forward to learning more about what we can do to protect your interests.