The Wood Herron & Evans Approach

The Personalization Of A Dedicated Team

Each client is matched to a lead attorney based on the attorney’s expertise relative to the client’s industry and needs. The lead attorney then selects a thoroughly knowledgeable support team to assist with its specific intellectual property legal demands and concerns. This custom team approach provides each client with personalized service based on its unique business goals.

A Focused, Tailored Strategy

Every legal plan of action is carefully thought out to present a very focused, on-course strategy. Detailed planning allows us to foresee any adverse issues before they may arise and successfully navigate around those issues to deliver favorable results.

Timely Response To Challenges And Deadlines

Our expertise in intellectual property law enables us to respond and address specific issues more quickly and efficiently than general practice firms. We work closely with clients whose business plans impose strict deadlines.

Cost-Effective Results

When you work with Wood Herron & Evans, you will likely be surprised at how very reasonable our fees are – especially when considering that our attorneys’ qualifications meet, and often exceed, the qualifications of other intellectual property attorneys throughout the country. Producing cost-effective results is a high priority. Our attorneys are very conscientious of costs in every client relationship. This is accomplished by:

  • Taking on tasks with the client’s approval
  • Assisting with procedures that can be completed by the client’s personnel
  • Educating the client’s personnel to be sensitive to potential problem areas in order to avoid issues later
  • Creating form contracts for the client’s use in standard situations
  • Working closely with clients to meet their special financial and budgetary needs.
  • Providing upfront cost estimates of planned procedures
  • Preparing a detailed monthly statement of billings and costs for the client’s review
  • Working with a large network of foreign associates in more than 50 countries around the world

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