Technical Knowledge And Expertise In Electrical And Electronics Matters

For over 150 years, Wood Herron & Evans has been providing clients with the legal expertise to obtain and protect their intellectual property assets. Our attorneys have the advanced technical knowledge and training to understand our clients’ intellectual property and to optimize and strategize solutions.

We offer our clients in-house design and illustration services as well as docket management services. Our lawyers focus exclusively on IP law and bring with them advanced technical degrees to better serve businesses at any stage of the patent process, whether patent prosecution or post-grant proceedings and strategies.

Our Electrical And Electronic IP Law Practice

Within our patent practice, our attorneys assist clients with the following matters in electrical and electronic intellectual property:

  • Semiconductor devices and structures
  • Circuit fabrication
  • Chemical and physical vapor deposition processes and processing equipment
  • Thin film technology
  • Plasma etching processes and processing equipment
  • Materials characterization and characterization equipment
  • Embedded systems
  • Consumer electronics
  • Digital signal processors
  • Medical devices
  • Imaging equipment

We also offer clients strategic consulting services to maximize and manage their intellectual property portfolios. Our goal is for our clients to be successful without having to unnecessarily deplete resources. By focusing on efficiency and effective counsel, we can guide our clients to maximize their current assets and grow their business interests successfully.

Throughout The U.S. And The World

From our Cincinnati-based office, we represent clients both domestically and internationally. Contact us online, or call our firm at 888-564-4421.