Counseling To Better Manage Your IP Portfolio

At Wood Herron & Evans, we provide our clients with high-level counseling to evaluate the risks and potential of their intellectual property portfolio. Whether you are considering acquiring a new business, exploring new opportunities within your current market or want an opinion about your current holdings, we can help.

Within our multiple practice groups, our firm has the capability to evaluate a multitude of intellectual property issues — from trade secrets, patent matters, licensing, privacy/data security, copyright issues or trademarks — in order to fine-tune your approach, address potential issues and evaluate opportunities.

At The Intersection Of Business And Intellectual Property

We counsel clients proactively to determine what solutions are best suited for their circumstances. As we audit your IP portfolio, we can put forth a strategy for moving your business forward.

Our attorneys know that as a business, you rely on intellectual property for your continued success and competitive edge against your competitors. Many companies and businesses overlook the importance of diligent IP portfolio construction, strategy, management and development. Beyond just patents, there are other intangible assets that add to the value of a company:

  • Brand names and slogans
  • Methods and processes
  • Collective employee knowledge and trade secrets

Documentation is a critical component of IP portfolio management. Our lawyers counsel clients to create an inventory of intellectual property the company holds. With this information, we are able to strategize new ways to maximize your intellectual property holdings and protections while targeting areas for future development. We also advise clients on the different ways to use intellectual property assets to achieve business objectives.

By actively managing your intellectual property portfolio, you are able to exhibit your achievements and protect your ideas, inventions, practices and innovation.

Strengthen Your Intellectual Property Assets

From our Cincinnati-based office, we represent clients both domestically and internationally. Contact us online, or call our firm at 888-564-4421.