We Can Help Protect Your Assets

Our patent attorneys at Wood Herron & Evans have come from the major industries we serve. Our firm houses innovative lawyers who strive to better counsel and protect the interests of our innovating clients. We still hold client relationships that date back to the firm’s early history in the 1870s.

We offer responsive and proactive representation to our clients with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness. Our clients shouldn’t have to spend any more on protecting their assets than they have to, and we understand the business side of patent law. Whether you are evaluating your options or looking to expand, we can help you navigate every aspect of patent law.

Counseling Clients On All Aspects Of Biotech Patents

Within our biotech practice, we offer clients counsel on:

  • Basic/applied technology in the areas of immunology
  • Biochemistry and microbiology
  • Molecular biology
  • Pharmacology and medicinal chemistry
  • Clinical rapid immunoassay tests
  • Recombinant standards for clinical assays
  • Drug testing
  • Therapeutic and drugs of abuse tests
  • Molecular synthesis of natural and synthetic medicaments
  • Therapeutic and diagnostic peptides and peptidomimetics
  • Clinical laboratory assays
  • Reagents and analyzers
  • Microfluidic assay chips and automated microplate staining apparatus
  • Polymer film and laminates
  • Medical devices
  • Laboratory and scientific equipment and supplies

Unlike many other IP law firms, we offer in-house design and illustration services as well as IP docket management services.

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