Skilled Worldwide Representation In Copyrights And Copyright Registration Matters

Copyright is a unique form of intellectual property protection. The types of creative work it can protect, as well as the methods of protection, are often misunderstood. However, knowing how to give your ideas and creative work the most effective legal protection is essential.

At Wood Herron & Evans, we have a proud history in intellectual property law spanning more than a century and a half. Our firm is a leader in the field, representing clients located throughout the United States and around the globe. We pride ourselves on our diverse knowledge of copyright protection and our technical expertise in application. Call us today at 888-564-4421 for help registering your copyright.

Formalize Ownership Of Your Work

Within our copyright practice, we offer our clients comprehensive services from copyright registration to copyright enforcement and everything in between. We focus on providing efficient and effective counsel and representation without requiring our clients to expend excessive resources unnecessarily.

We can help you establish copyrights for a variety of creative and innovative works, including:

  • Architecture
  • Software programs
  • Published or unpublished literary works, including digital website copy
  • Music, video, audio and scripts
  • Choreography

Our clients are also leaders in their industries, and we know the importance of due diligence when reviewing and preparing a copyright for registration. We take this process very seriously and will provide complete review of the history and industry so our clients can succeed without wasted efforts.

When Copyright Issues Arise, We Can Advise You

If you are faced with an issue involving copyright protection or you are challenged on your use of a copyright, our enforcement and litigation practice group can assist you with trademark enforcement issues. Our lawyers are always looking ahead to avoid potential issues, but challenges can arise, and when they do, our attorneys can help you navigate the process start to finish.

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