Wondering About The New NIL (Name/Image/Likeness) Laws?

Sep 9, 2021 | Firm News, Intellectual Property

Are you wondering about the new NIL (Name/Image/Likeness) Laws? We can help you understand the different types of deals, and the risks and rewards of each.

Are you…

– a business seeking to hire a student-athlete to enhance your brand’s image?

– an athletic department getting questions from your student-athletes?

– a student-athlete who may be offered an endorsement or NIL contract?

Did you know…

– that not all NIL deals are “endorsement deals?
Know the differences between endorsement, right of publicity, influencer, brand ambassador, and sponsorship – which are you looking for?

– that student-athletes who endorse products have certain legal obligations when they post on their social media accounts?
There are requirements regarding honesty, substantiation, disclosure of payment, claims of typical results, and so on.

– that businesses who compensate endorsers must monitor what they say on behalf of the business?
Just because you don’t write the content, doesn’t mean your business is off the hook.

– that student-athletes cannot use their school’s name, trademarks, or logos without permission?
Student-athletes may now enter contracts for commercial use of their image – but not in team uniforms.

Find out more…

It’s an exciting time for student-athletes and their business partners, but there’s a lot to know. If you have questions contact our team at (513) 707-0407

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