The Textbook Author’s Kevin Patton Gives Glowing Review of Steve Gillen’s New Book

Nov 29, 2016 | Publishing, Recognition

Steve Gillen’s new book (co-authored with Mary Ellen Lepionka and Sean W. Wakely), Writing and Developing Your College Textbook: A Comprehensive Guide, will help you take your textbook project from concept to completion.

“This guide is an essential tool for anyone interested in writing textbooks, from beginner to seasoned veteran. It’s like having a group of trusted mentors sitting on the edge of my desk.” – Kevin Patton, author of Anatomy & Physiology (9e).

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Here is what other textbook authors had to say:

“TAA and the authors have done a wonderful service to us all-textbook, academic, and even trade authors-with this seminal, blood-and-guts guide to the art, craft, and work of authoring. Even though I signed my first contract in 1987, I read every word of this valuable new book and took pages of notes to guide me forward!”
– Robert Christopherson, author of Geosystems, 9e

“I’ve authored two TAA-award winning texts, co-authored two more, and contributed to another dozen, but I still found plenty of tips and useful information that I will apply in my next project. My only wish is that I’d had this book 10 years ago. Every current and hopeful textbook author should read this book and every publisher should buy it for their authors.” – Lorraine Papazian-Boyce, author of Pearson’s Comprehensive Medical Coding: A Path to Success, 1e

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