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When trade secrets are stolen

If you own a business, you may have encountered a variety of legal issues over the years. Whether your company is relatively small or massive, there are many hurdles that business owners can find themselves working through. However, those related to copyrights, patents, and trade secrets can be especially difficult. For example, one of your competitors may have stolen trade secrets, denying any wrongdoing and prompting you to take the case to court. Our law firm knows this can be an incredibly frustrating ordeal, but you should cover your bases and hold those who have stolen trade secrets accountable.

Some business owners dread the idea of litigation, but going to court is sometimes necessary in order to hold someone who has stolen trade secrets responsible for their actions. We know that this can be a stressful and even frustrating experience, especially if you feel that you are already short on time, but you will likely feel incredibly relieved if you are able to secure an end result in your favor. When it comes to the theft of trade secrets, no two cases are exactly the same. As a result, it is essential for you to move forward with an individual approach that takes all of the unique details of your case into consideration.

Handling an Intellectual Property Dispute

Intellectual property disputes now reach many more industries than they did in the past. No longer do intellectual property lawsuits only involve large corporations in medical and financial sectors. Any company may find itself embroiled in an intellectual property dispute, regardless of the size of the company or the industry in which it operates.

As a business owner, legal disputes involving intellectual property can be especially stressful because the outcome of the dispute often has a significant effect on your business and because finding a fair resolution to the dispute often requires the expenditure of significant resources. However, protecting your company's intellectual property assets or defending against an unwarranted assertion of intellection property rights by a competitor is vital in determining your company's ultimate success.

What Do I Need to Know About Filing a Patent?

If you're considering filing a patent in Cincinnati and aren't sure how to proceed, having an understanding of the process is highly important. Patents protect the creators of inventions from having their ideas stolen and used by others, which can result in great financial loss. There are numerous steps to the patent process however, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office has some tips to ensure your application is filed correctly.

The first step is to understand what is capable of being patented. According to statutes, machines, methods of manufacturing, processes, or improvements on existing inventions can all be patented. Chemical compositions can also be patented, and these types of patents can cover newly created chemicals, or a unique mixture of existing chemicals that are brought together to serve a new purpose.

How Can I Protect My Company's Trade Secrets?

As a company owner, you know that some of your most important assets are intangible, such as your knowledge and ideas. Protecting those intangibles often involves acquiring and enforcing intellectual property rights, such patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Failing to do so could give your competitors an advantage and leave you without legal recourse if your valuable intellectual property is used without your authorization.

Will blockchain change copyright law?

Copyright law has always been complex and dependent on the medium. In the digital age, however, it's taken on new levels. There have been well-publicized battles over ownership rights for music, movies, photographs and more.

With reproduction as easy as a click of the mouse, intellectual property owners have been in a difficult situation. Kodak and blockchain technology may provide a solution.

Tips on Applying for a Patent

With so many different companies vying to be the best, ensuring that your intellectual property is protected is crucial. That's why Industry Week offers these smart tips on protecting valuable ideas and processes with patents.

Great ideas are central to a successful business. Accordingly, any ideas that are important to your company should be patented as soon as possible. If another person applies for a patent on a similar idea before you're able to, that person will be awarded the patent. That means your business could lose out, and be ultimately be left in the dust by a competitor.

What is a trade secret?

A trade secret is any confidential business information that gives your business a competitive edge. It is also referred to as intellectual property or proprietary information.

A trade secret can be many things, including the:

  • Research and development your firm has done
  • Algorithm your firm has defined
  • Formula, method or process your company uses
  • Ingredient that makes your product different or better
  • Design of your product
  • Invention or device your company uses 

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