Seasoned Litigators For Copyright Enforcement

Our firm has been around for over a century and a half, providing skilled and knowledgeable counsel for intellectual property matters. At Wood Herron & Evans, we are proud of our long history as well as our commitment to innovation and to our clients. Our representation aligns with our clients' objectives to effectively and efficiently protect their intellectual property assets.

If you are faced with defending a copyright, protecting a copyright against infringement, pursuing another entity for infringing on your ownership rights or defending against a copyright infringement allegation, our copyright enforcement team can counsel you through the litigation process. As part of our intellectual property enforcement and litigation practice, our lawyers have the IP knowledge as well as the litigation experience to successfully protect your business and your assets.

Our Comprehensive Copyright Practice

Not only can we protect your copyright through enforcement and litigation, but our attorneys can also represent you in your copyright registration challenges as well as provide other copyright counsel and services. We know that the best litigation strategy is to avoid litigation altogether by performing due diligence, proactively protecting your assets and receiving counsel on better managing your intellectual property portfolio.

Worldwide Presence | National and International Clientele

We defend and protect our client interests both domestically and internationally. We are proud to receive referrals from reputable foreign firms for our work in intellectual property, including enforcement.

From our Cincinnati-based office, we represent clients both domestically and internationally. Contact us online, or call our firm at 800-733-0262.